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We understand the importance of business continuity; our experienced technicians are available to extend their support to you on-site, or remotely.

Don’t have or want an internal IT Department and need help from a Houston computer repair service? Outsource your computer repair needs to an experienced local provider of on-site computer repair services. We work the way you want us to work – weekdays, weekends, as needed or on a schedule.

Take a look at our computer services in Houston to see what we can do for you and start saving money today with our low rates. Our support team can help your business improve on user efficiency by eliminating unnecessary network traffic, speeding up sluggish computers and optimizing network performance.

On-site Areas Served: Katy, Houston, The Woodlands, Sugarland, Stafford,
Take your business IT to the next level. EPCT can upgrade your infrastructure to the latest technologies, including Firewalls, Chat Servers, File Sharing Servers, Windows Server, SQL Server.




Houston Computer Repair Services | Onsite Computer Services for Businesses

The term “computer repair service” encompasses a wide variety of possible issues that can plague a malfunctioning pc. Maybe the computer will not boot up, has a blue screen error message, is running extremely slow or has some nasty viruses or malware that has really hindered its performance. At Houston’s Elite PC Technologies, we can help you with these computer service and repair issues and get you back to optimal performance in no time. Affordable computer services are just one of the highlights of our determined little company.

What to look for in a Computer Repair Company:

In a city as large as Houston, there are many PC repair service companies and I.T. support firms to choose from but there are also millions of computers to deal with which tends to balance things out. Choosing your computer repair guy can be a tough decision. Some things to look for when selecting someone for computer repair in Houston: Experience Knowledge over the phone Testimonials from other clients Availability (Do they have time for you?) Attitude (People Person?) Competitive Rates

What We Can Do For You:

At Houston’s EPT, with our onsite computer service, we can come to your office or home, assess the situation and get you and your employees back to working productively in no time. Below are some of the computer repair issues we run into on a daily basis and due to that experience, we will diagnose and fix your problems faster than other computer technicians and provide you with affordable computer support for the long term.

Computer Virus Removal

  • Computer Slow Downs Lockups, Freezes and Crashes Blue Screens on Boot-up Unplanned Auto-Boots Clicking Sounds
  • Computer won’t turn on Internet not working (404 – Page Not Found Error) Missing DLLs at Boot-up

In order to continue to provide quality PC repair services to our customers, we ask our customers how we can improve our service and in turn improve their business as well. We know there are many companies out their that offer Houston computer repair service so it is our goal to be the best in the city. Not only do strive to better our communication with our business clients and improve our computer repair services for them but we also put a great effort into building and perfecting our home computer services as well.

To receive some of the best onsite services from an experienced Houston computer repair company, give us a call or fill out our contacts form. Affordable computer repairs are just a phone call or email away.

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